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Power And Influence In Designing Your Work

I love being a certified Designing Your Life coach because it creates an ongoing commitment to learning and crafting powerful work design experiences.

Plus, we have a strong community and connections to the most progressive companies in the world.

We talked recently about Power and Influence. Not a topic you'd expect in a work design experience.

So, what is the point of mastering Power and Influence?

✅ To design your work, it's essential to understand how to influence people to use best your strengths. Influence is required for any high-impact work.

✅ You can learn how to succeed by learning how to influence people.

✅ Influence is delivering high-value work and being recognised by people with authority.

✅ Align yourself with the organisation's strategies and goals, align what you value personally with your work and good things will happen!

Power and Influence can sound like a complex topic, but it's pretty easy once you take small steps to deliver higher-value work and be recognised for it.

In the end, influence is about making the organisation better.


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