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Asking the Right Questions In Designing Your Life

One of the challenges I see people facing when they design their lives is anchoring themselves to a solution without considering the real problem. In some cases, the solutions are things that are outside of their control. For example, they want a new specific role. However, the new position is also subject to many factors: the broader organisational structure, the processes, other top performers, visibility, budgets, opportunities and so on.

The real problem is wanting to have a more significant impact and innovate in their technology field. To achieve that, there are multiple solutions:

  • engage in internal and external communities

  • mentor others

  • lead a cross-functional project

  • teach an internship programme or

  • launch an innovation community

Aiming for a new role is not unachievable, but it can become a long hard path distracting from the actual goal.

New solutions can surface when we unhook from the anchor, frame an interesting question with a design thinking mindset, and work with others to explore creative ideas.

So, instead of asking, “How can I get a new role?” ask, “How can we innovate in my tech field for the organisation and the community? How can we start with my expertise?”

A new question and mindset can surface new solutions and bring in unexpected allies on the journey to a long-lasting impact.


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