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Secrets to Designing a Fulfilling Work

Many people believe they have to resign in order to have a fulfilling job. Sometimes that is true.

But redesigning for fulfilment is possible even without resigning.

Here are the Secrets of Designing a Fulfilling Job:

✅ Observe and appreciate the little things: a good chat with a colleague, what you’ve learned, how you've helped someone.

✅ Manage your energy, not your time. Double up on flow and energy-inducing activities, and reduce energy-draining ones.

✅ Connect and contribute to your team, in your own way. Connecting with others gives us a sense of belonging and purpose.

✅ Bring more into your work the activities that inspire you. You don’t need to change your job, just do more of what fulfils you, also for the benefit of the organisation.

✅ Define your own measure of success in the job. Knowing that you are really after (money, impact, or self-expression) gives a clear direction and steps.

A well-designed work is not happening by coincidence. It's a choice followed by the right actions.

That's when the fun starts and unexpected opportunities appear.


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