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Designing Your Life - An Ongoing Mission

Designing Your Life, a course and coaching program developed by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans has profoundly impacted my life and many others. As a certified coach, I have supported over 50 people from various backgrounds in redesigning their lives and careers. I hold their stories of transformation close every time I redesign my own life.

Through our work together, people have been able to find new jobs, get promoted, or even pursue their passions. Their transformations were truly inspiring and reminded me of the power of Design Thinking in shaping our lives and careers.

One of the most rewarding parts of being a coach is hearing about the people I work with after months and years. When they reach out with updates on how their lives have improved, it fills me with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude. It is a testament to the power of meaningful relationships, not only in my coaching work but also in our personal and professional lives.

The coherence between personal and professional life indicates that there is balance and stability in human life not only financially but also emotionally. As much as we think, our inner state governs our decisions and actions, regardless of the field.

We sometimes feel like we're always playing catch-up in our fast-paced world. As a result of the life design learnings, we can become more energetic, fulfilled, and harmonious because we are in control of our own lives and careers. I find it to be a powerful reminder of the importance of meaningful relationships for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Overall, being a Design Your Life coach has been an incredibly rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. As someone who has witnessed first-hand how life can transform, these leanings form a strong foundation of my life’s toolbox.

As a reminder, redesigning one's life is not a one-time event but a constant process of reflection and adaptation. That is why I continue to redesign my life, and career and help others redesign theirs for more fulfilment.


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