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Crafting a Personal Narrative of Success for Amplifying Results

Embarking on a new project is a thrilling adventure. There are endless possibilities, but also a certain level of risk involved with novel paths. This may involve working with a new organisation, a new person, on a new challenge or domain of expertise.

So, at the beginning of each project, creating a narrative of success that aligns with my values and mission has been essential in boosting my confidence and amplifying my results. By putting my own spin on future outcomes, I feel more invested and motivated to succeed.

To create a powerful narrative, I ask myself some tough questions:

  • What is the transition the person/organization is going through, and how can I truly help them get the most out of it?

  • What are the blind spots that I need to address to ensure success?

  • How can I develop the person/organization's skills and experience to become independent when I'm no longer around?

  • What strengths does the organisation have that are taken for granted, and how can I create a greater appreciation for them?

  • What is the biggest challenge at the macro level, and how can I facilitate a solution beyond the project mission?

  • What do the people I interact with need from me personally and professionally to succeed?

To be honest, it can be overwhelming to confront these questions upfront. Yet, over time, they have become a guiding light in my work. By focusing on what truly matters, I feel more fulfilled and empowered to make a difference. It's not just about meeting the goals laid out by the organization or team. It's about creating a positive impact that aligns with my values and mission, and empowers others to achieve their own goals.

So, what is your definition of success for your projects?


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