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Your partner in transformation

consulting, coaching & advisory
Bringing humanity into leadership means bringing our whole human selves into our roles as organisational leaders, world change-makers and life adventurers.

Wholehearted leaders illuminate the world through their knowledge, inspire others through their ability to reach beyond limitations and serve humanity through their leadership.


The Story

I am a lifelong learner, a change-maker and a wayfinder. I have built a successful career with tenacity and focus and excelled at the most senior levels of a global FTSE 25 organisation.


I advise and consult CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, business founders and top leaders with complex change and challenges in their organisations.


My hands-on experience and accreditations in Life Design and human behaviour allow me to coach and serve people to design a life and work on their terms. 


The Essence

My love for people and deep desire to contribute have led me to leave a legacy and transform people’s lives in every relationship, coaching conversation, and organisation.


I walked the path myself - I don’t talk from books but instead make use of tested methods to achieve outstanding business results or personal transformation in all areas of life.


My greatest reward is witnessing people and organisations reach their potential. I am not a finished product, life and the people I work with are teachers in my own transformation.

What does humanity in leadership mean for you?

Transforming my organisation



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Designing Your Life

Image by Vrînceanu Iulia


“Paula cares about people. When undertaking any large project or change, Paula’s first instinct is to think about the people involved: What does this mean for them? How do we get the best from them? How does it help them to grow in their personal and professional lives? That is why Paula leaves such a strong legacy, because she touches and improves the lives of everyone she works with.”
Paul Cutter
Group CIO
Flutter Entertainment, UK
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