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Designing Your Life Experience

Group Journey - 6 weeks

  • 30 min
  • Online Videoconference

Program Details

Life Design is the way forward. Created by world-class educators Bill Burnett & Dave Evans, the programme is based on Stanford's Design Thinking principles. It consolidates 60 years of combined teaching experience from the authors, scientific studies in the most renowned teaching institutions globally, and thousands of students' experiences. This experience works for anyone who wants to design their lives differently: people who wish for more fulfilment, people in career transitions, mid-career executives or retirees wanting an encore career. Do you believe that fulfilment is having it all? Do you think that if you are successful, you will be happy? Do you believe that you need to find the best possible option in life, build a plan, and execute it? So, how's it going for you? Designing Your Life Experience may be your answer if you feel there is more about life. We will embark on a one month journey to design Life and Work to create more fulfilment and satisfaction. This programme is for you if: - You are exhausted after long years of the pandemic and want to look at life in perspective rather than focus on activities or specific goals - You want to zoom out on your job, family, health, personal time (or all of them) - You feel a void in your life, but you don't know what is missing - You have an inner conflict, or you feel stuck about where you want to go next - You believe there is more to life, but your old ways are not working anymore - You have everything, and yet, you're not satisfied or fulfilled Dysfunctional belief: If you are successful, you will be fulfilled Reframe: True fulfilment comes from designing a life that works for YOU This experience will: - Connect you with a team of like-minded people who will support you on your journey - Remove your surrounding noise blurring your clarity about what you want - Reveal Life Design tools that you can leverage now and in the future - Open you up to new horizons which you didn't see up until now - Support you on designing the next chapter of your authentic life across Work, Love, Play, Health - Give clarity about which life you want to explore further and where it could potentially take you - Focus on incremental prototypes to start living your life without feeling you are taking a huge risk Book a free intro session to explore more.

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