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What Is My Role In This Situation?

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Leadership is a great responsibility, especially in the current times of uncertainty. And so, when it comes to becoming overwhelmed or burnt out, leaders are at significant risk, considering the challenges they are facing on all fronts.

One of my most significant challenges was learning, acknowledging, and appreciating my limits without pushing myself until it became too much.

In this process, I did learn a powerful question, which can shift an overwhelming situation in seconds. It’s applicable at work, in social relationships and at home.

The straightforward and powerful question is: “What is my role in this situation?”.

Wearing too many hats is not only overwhelming but also exhausting. Leaders who are outcome-focused excel in taking responsibility, but there comes a time when it can become a real weakness without the proper boundaries. Plus, controlling the many factors outside of our influence consumes too much energy without a significant value.

Therefore, focusing the attention on our role and what we can do about the situation at hand reveals the actions and the resources we need to contribute as best as possible.

So, here are a few questions to explore your overwhelming situation:

  1. What is my role in this situation?

  2. What is in my control, and what is outside of my control?

  3. What are other people’s roles in this situation? Do I tend to step into their roles?

  4. What is an accurate measure of success for my role in this situation?

We can care about the outcomes and care for the other contributors in the situation to do their part while also caring for ourselves.


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