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The Power of Group Transformation

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Working with groups is one of my favourite activities.

Each group has an inner life, a dynamic complexity that awaits to be uncovered. It's fascinating to see that energy in action. I love tapping into that energy and guiding the process of discovering new depths both for the individuals and the group as a whole.

Life is unpredictable, and change is so difficult that even with the right commitment and intentions, it can be challenging to tackle it on our own. That’s where the power of the group comes in.

On a transformational leadership journey, the group becomes a team. Individuals become team members who now share a vision and have the commitment to change.

I was lucky enough to witness transformation in groups. The wisdom and richness of groups in times of change are inspiring. I have gathered some insights that I would like to share with you from a specific group experience:

  1. Everyone has a meaningful purpose. Linking the individual purpose to the team and organizational purpose maximizes the motivation and chances of reward.

  2. People have different personalities, styles, and ways of viewing the world. The team’s strength is bringing all these together to leverage the strengths and minimize the blind spots. We have to remember that all of us bring something to the table!

  3. Team members may share similar challenges but can have different strategies for handling them. Nobody has everything figured out, even if it looks like they do. By sharing and opening up, we receive support from others easier. Vulnerability is a sign of courage and can become a catalyst for accelerating change.

  4. Your assistance is always welcomed! Helping others through support, challenge and insights maximizes self-respect and well-being in the team. It also creates a more significant connection!

  5. Each person has a different pace of understanding and connecting to the new knowledge. Sometimes, to understand, they may even go back, not forward. Have patience!

  6. Comparison is inevitable, but when we focus too long on comparing our progress with someone else’s progress, that’s the moment when our progress becomes slower.

  7. We need both the technical skills and the mindset to move to a sustainable next level. Both can be evolved.

  8. Reality is different from what we imagine in theory. The theory provides a guide, but the real learning happens with practice.

  9. Commitment to practice is the commitment to learning.

  10. We can’t skip the messy part. Growth and change are not linear - there are phases full of enthusiasm and other steps which may feel dull and heavy. Embrace all the parts of the process!

We debate whether it’s the journey or the destination that matters. Both matter. But what matters most is the company, both on the journey and at the destination.

Grateful to be part of this company.


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