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Executive Master in Change - Learnings Module #1

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Change and transitions affect organisations and people at a profound level.

The typical management tools prove somewhat limited in driving change. 70% of the organisational transformations do not achieve the outcomes.

I wanted to explore the topic more deeply through an Executive Master in Change.

Here are some initial takeaways from Module 1:

  1. There is much more complexity in organisations than we can include as part of the planning. We can't control a complex environment, we can only influence it and contribute to it.

  2. There are no easy solutions. The experience of change unfolds at every moment, and a new reality is emerging. We can't assume or plan for how reality unfolds.

  3. Letting go of the fantasy of control is critical in understanding the problem.

  4. Too early answers kill the question. Sitting with confusion drives a richer conversation about the problem.

  5. We tend to plan for reducing all risks. In doing so, we live in an illusion that there is no risk, which is dangerous. Being ready to handle risk is as important as mitigating it.

Change does, however, reveal new ways of thinking and innovative approaches, if approached openly.

These new ways of thinking are what drive successful change.

Credit goes to Professors Michael Shiel, Erik Van De Loo and all my colleagues for their incredible insights on change.


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