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How To Build Your Small Circle of Trust

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Succeeding in a senior leadership role is hard. But succeeding on your own is even harder, sometimes impossible.

People who succeed know the value of having a strong network of advisors. It’s never too early to build yours.

Three characteristics to look for when building your small circle of trust:

  1. Agenda. Look for people who don’t have a specific interest in your outcomes or an agenda that conflicts with yours. This will make your relationship with them open, honest and transparent.

  2. Resonance. Look for people you are looking forward to spending your time with. Keep in mind that their support will be both emotional and practical.

  3. Competence. Select people who are the best at what they do and can offer you new perspectives and insights. Look that their track record and what great looks like by their definition.

Remember this: many people will offer you advice. But a few good ones will make you succeed.


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