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Celebrating Exceptional Women

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Last night, I again met three exceptional women leaders that I worked with as part of the Designing Your Life Experience programme a year ago.

When I told them that amazing changes would take place, they were sceptical back then.

Now, here is how their life changed:

  • Fulfilment is part of all areas of life. Work is no longer their whole life.

  • They have better jobs, have more impact, make more money, role model what they believe in and are on an accelerated growth path. They bring diversity to organizations, lead new initiatives and paradigms that bring change, enjoy what they do, and have fun.

  • Only one changed her company.

  • Unexpected opportunities came their way, much bigger than they envisaged.

  • Prototyping small changes became a way of living.

Their lives are not easier, but they feel alive and fulfilled.

They inspired me with their courage and clarity. This article is a credit to their courage and showing up every day for life’s adventure.

Never rule out a goal just because you think it’s unattainable. You can choose to live and work fully.


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