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Career Opportunities in Organisational Transformations

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

My mentor taught me early that the employer-employee relationship should be a win-win.

So, how can a winning partnership be maximised in the middle of an organisational transformation when chaos and uncertainty are the norms?

During such transformations, some people leave due to the prolonged transition. Others wait, doing the same job until the transition is complete. And a few pursue the opportunities created by the same change.

If you decide to pursue the opportunities, you have a simplified guide below.

Create an inventory of the resources you bring to the table

  • Your inspirations. What inspires powerful motivation in you? What do you value and is important to you?

  • Your abilities. What do others admire in you? Where do you excel?

  • Your experience. What skills, knowledge, or credentials do you have? What is your differentiator, something that not many people share? What recommendations do you have?

  • Your personality. What kind of activities are you drawn to? How do you approach getting things done?

Understand the new or unmet organisational needs

  • What bothers you most that you’d like to change?

  • What are the unique problems that the organisation is trying to solve?

  • What gaps does the change create?

  • What new skills are required to manage the transition?

Match 1 & 2 for a winning partnership

  • How can you approach your manager to support you on this journey?

  • What team or department is responsible for the new problems that require your skills?

  • Who is the decision-maker in charge? What are they after, and how can you specifically help them?

  • How can you contribute most, tactically and strategically?

Navigating my career through organisational transformations, I have decided to take the new opportunities most of the time. Without a doubt, these decisions accelerated my progress. However, delivering on such new opportunities can be challenging, at least.

There is no right or wrong choice - the decision is purely personal.

But if you find a challenge that inspires you and draws you towards it, it may be worth the effort.


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