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Are You in a Career Transition?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

I remember a good friend sending me a gift. It was a book about career transformations. When I received it, I could not read it; it just didn’t flow. Only when I read it a few months later, I realised the book was about me. I was in a career transformation.

Now, when I look from the outside, it’s obvious to me who is undergoing a career transition. It’s less obvious to the person in the situation.

How can you know if you are in a career transition? Count the number of statements that describe you at this point in your career.

  1. I feel restless professionally.

  2. My job is more draining than energising.

  3. My work has lost some of its meaning for me.

  4. I admire the people around me who have made significant professional changes.

  5. I find that my career ambitions are changing.

  6. I have new professional interests and aptitudes that I can’t bring into my current role.

  7. I don't see myself doing what my boss is doing in a few years’ time.

  8. My life has shifted recently (i.e. had kids, got divorced, kids left home), and my work no longer seems aligned with my life.

  9. I have been in the same job, career path, or organisation for at least seven years.

  10. It's been a while since I have been enthusiastic about the future.

A result above six means that you are likely in a career transition period.

A career transition does not mean you need a new career or a new job. It means you need to take some reflection time to look at:

1. Your life principles

2. Your life goals and priorities

3. Your work principles

4. Experiences that energise you

5. How can you create space in your life and career to integrate these insights?

With a global workforce undergoing a significant transformation, we are all, to some extent, feeling its effects. We are all undergoing that transition at a micro-level.

Recognising such periods and giving them the necessary attention can help navigate it with awareness and make the most of the growth that comes with it.


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