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Long term partnership with senior leaders and organisations on organisational transformation, managing complex stakeholders, succession planning, bringing in new points of view in alignment with goals and values.

  • Leaders and organisations on digital transformation programmes.

  • Technology senior leaders in a new role that need a strong reflection partner for clarity of thinking, insights and strategising.

  • Business founders and CEOs on scaling their business to their next level.

  • Transformation leaders in charge of transformation programmes, mergers and acquisitions.

  • People leaders on organisational transitions, diversity and inclusion, culture transformations and new emerging models in the global workforce

My journey in numbers


People directly impacted through organisational scaling of 5x with all strategic key results exceeding benchmark on Engagement, Cost, Predictability, Diversity, Best Employer.


Managers and leaders shaped and inspired.


Hours of hands-on management experience in general management, technology, product and operations.


Board Memberships in International Chambers of Commerce.


Global M&As in leading technology transformation roles for Day 1 readiness, tech strategy, platform consolidations, transitions.


Key global departments built from ground up powered by their leadership teams in setting new standards of excellence.


Operating Models at global, divisional and location level designed and embedded successfully.


Governance frameworks designed and rolled out in departments, programmes and locations.

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